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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: We are excited to unveil Hindsait "on-demand CNLP API” (CNLP stands for Clinical Natural Language Processing and API - Application Programming Interface). Any organization across the world with Medical Records will now have the ability to unlock their clinical data trapped in medical records and will receive a structured data feed return. This utility has wide applicability including, among others, for both Payers and ACOs to address multiple use cases including prior-authorizations, clinical necessity reviews, risk adjustment audits, revenue cycle management, risk adjusted reimbursement, population health, quality and more.

Answer: Hindsait's versatile CNLP API allows users to securely upload medical records to their secured account which then extracts relevant contextual clinical information. Records can be viewed as annotated, highlighted images in Hindsait’s audit platform or risk adjusted reimbursement platform, and/or the structured clinical data can be downloaded directly. Users have the option to select from a wide diversity of data extraction elements such as patient demographics, clinical concepts, medications, clinical quantities, diagnosis codes (e.g., ICD-10, CPT codes), SNOMED codes and other data such as screening and imaging/lab report tagging, among others.

For Payers, Benefit Managers, payment integrity organizations or ACOs, that need to review, audit, track, and identify patient risks, Hindsait's Audit platform flags unnecessary health services, detects coding errors, and flags applicable risks, by harnessing the power of AI technology. Our Audit platform enables much more efficient reviews while concurrently reducing human errors during the review process.

Answer: We will offer users from accredited healthcare institutions the ability to test features and functionalities of our CNLP API free of cost for up to 50 pages of medical records.

Answer: This offer is valid only for accredited healthcare institution.

Answer: At Hindsait, security of your data is of highest importance to us. We will grant you a secured access via multi-factored authentication (MFA) account, and you will get to upload and access your structured data feed and use our audit platform from your own ipaddress that we will whitelist.

Answer: Your uploaded data will be completely secured and will only be accessed by you. All data that you will upload will be purged with 30 days from your upload.

Answer: Within a day or two, you will receive an email giving you API weblink and instructions on how to create user log in with MFA in the CNLP API and once you have enabled the access, the intuitive website along with video tutorial will enable you to navigate within the CNLP API, including downloading of your structured datasets.

Answer: Please send email to with your question and Hindsait support staff will assist you within the next business day.